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Happy 11:11! 11/11 is an exciting day because one is a powerful number. When it appears in duplicated form – as in the number eleven – some powerful energies are at play, and eleven is an essential way that the Universe is awakening our consciousness. So, I thought, let’s check out an 11:11 portal tarot reading for 2020!

According to Numerology, we are living through the energy of the number four this year (2+0+2+0 = 4) – and it has been a FOUR energy year so far!

What is my point in mentioning the year’s energy? I have reflected on the powerful and pivotal forces of the four energy years that have unfolded throughout my life. As a refresher, four energy is all about stability and process, balancing logic with emotion. I don’t think I have to tell any of you that 2020 has been a YEAR. Sit back for one minute and think about all you have personally confronted and challenged over the past 11 months – it’s fantastic, and YOU are amazing too.

Aside from the fact that 11:11 in itself presents a four-energy frequency, I like to approach the 11:11 energy within the context of the current year’s strength. 11 is all about duality and shadow. Those separate bits of ourselves that we forget to include in our being. That which challenges us makes us whole. And if you haven’t challenged your stability and process this year, I bow down to you. This year is happening for us, for better or worse. I know this. My father died during a year ruled by the number four, which ripped up the stability and process of my life – and despite the sadness of my loss, I would not take back the personal growth and challenge I faced.

For this reading, I will use the Angel Tarot deck by Jayne Wallace and the Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck by Kyle Gray. I LOVE both of these decks so much and use them nearly daily for readings.



My method for reading the Tarot while confronting shadow energy – like with the 11:11 portal — is to read the cards in the framework of duality – so, for this reading, the top row of cards (individually and collectively) represent the actual state. The bottom row of cards represents the shadow and mirror energy of the real condition. This tarot reading is general, so take what resonates with you and leave the rest. This reading aims to get you to think about how what we put out energetically is never done in vain.


Card one, row one – The World in reverse – is a card which represents a lack of completion, incomplete goals, and a lack of closure. Now, I must say that no card in reverse is a negative card; it is merely a reflection of the dominant energy. The World upright represents the completion of a cycle. Still, the reverse doesn’t necessarily mean that a cycle hasn’t been complete, but that the outcome is perhaps what we initially hoped would happen. Success is subjective; even when we do not get what we think we want, we often get what we truly need to attract.

You likely had some goals or ambitions for 2020 that had to take a backseat. And maybe the redirection isn’t entirely clear enough to you yet, which is why we must view the shadow energy for greater clarity.


The Emperor card represents authority, structure, and control – a masculine energetic form (but not necessarily a male). Well, if this isn’t fitting for the first shadow card? The Emperor card represents stability and process (the dominant four energy vibration!). If we view this card as a shadow of The World in reverse, it is clear to see that something is standing in our way from completing work that is vital to us. While we cannot connect with others or stick to our ‘routines’ during a pandemic, this card resonates for us even more. What does this show? What does the shadow reveal?

My interpretation is that we have to learn to approach life with less focus on the outcome and more focus on our internal process and peace. Are you too rigid? Are you making excuses rather than finding another way? Do you believe forces outside of you have more (or less) control than they genuinely do? In these moments, you can sit back, evaluate your current goals and desires, and see what can genuinely be restructured and worked through; and what can be released and recycled into more abundant energy and motivation.


The Six of Wands card represents victory, success, and recognition. A very positive card that shows in a long process of creation and manifestation, some ground is broken—credit is given where credit is due. Six energy is all about vision and acceptance – seeing the bigger picture and finding a balance between the accomplishments of the self and those in others.

Where have you succeeded this year? Is this another year of sobriety? Is this you finally getting somewhere with your endeavours, and it’s at that stage where ‘others can see the changes as well?’ Let’s view the shadow energy pulled for this card and find a deeper meaning.


The Hanged Man card represents sacrifice and release, so in reverse, it can mean needless sacrifice, fear of sacrifice, and waiting. When the Six of Wands card appears in a reading, there is clear progress in this cycle. But what have you had to sacrifice? Was the sacrifice necessary, and how has that impacted other goals or intentions created for us? Are you recognised and accomplished in something you wanted, or is this an exercise in proving yourself to others? Humans find it challenging not to engage in martyrdom – suffering due to our beliefs. It is comforting to cling to what once was in a year containing elections, a pandemic, and general volatility. We need to feel our feelings despite the chaos rather than recognise what calls us to grow.

We are not here to make others happy; we are here to evolve and collectively ascend to a higher and more meaningful existence. Watch what you are doing and question why you’re doing it. Doing for the self is not selfish; it is mature, healthy, and never only benefits ourselves. Some things are worth doing because they are worth doing, not because others will see us the way we desire to see ourselves.


The Sun card in the tarot represents joy, success, and positivity. It’s the Sun – our source, our leading star force – the ultimate illuminator. The Sun highlights those places we show gratitude and love towards – whether through our relationship with ourselves or others. The Sun card also represents success in the conscious mind – your mind getting right. This card shows me that inner knowledge and true growth have taken place – and congrats because it was likely not easy nor painless. If this year has convinced me of anything, it is this; there is more than meets the eye in every possible way.

The reverse of The Sun card shows clouds and the difficulty of seeing the good or positive in a situation. Many of us have struggled even on the best days this past year. For more insight, let’s look at the dominant shadow energy for this reading.


The Three of Pentacles card represents teamwork, collaboration, and creation. The three energy represents expression and sensitivity, and the pentacles represent material and earthly energy, tangible and proof of our ability to integrate with outside energy. That said, how has collaboration provided for you this year? Are you honouring those who shouldered what you stand for? More importantly, do you put pressure on the need for others to believe in what you’re working towards? And more to the point, are you seeking your tribe?

Collaboration is the cornerstone of collective consciousness. Remember, 11:11 energy is all about mirroring and what comes out of the duality of our shadows is our ultimate self-mastery. It is essential to know what ‘is’, but isn’t it equally as crucial, to be honest about where that light source is coming from? Perhaps, collaboration is your expression? Or maybe that collaboration shines a light on areas of life that you long to develop.




The Medicine Guardian tells us to be open to healing information. That is essentially what shadow work is all about; being available to the information that can heal us and each other. Sometimes we hear things or have experiences that have outcomes that we don’t believe we hoped for, but remember, our experiences are a reflection of what we put out. I used to become angry when people would say, “God doesn’t give us what we cannot handle”, – but I now believe that source energy mirrors what we create in our minds. And no, this doesn’t mean horrible tragedies are deserved or created by one of us. However, sometimes the darkest places offer us the most chance to find our light. Every opportunity in life is an opportunity to grow or shrink – which one do you choose?


The Great Teacher card tells us to learn from spiritual experiences. In line with the Medicine Guardian card, we are here as spiritual beings having a human experience, and everything that happens presents us with an opportunity to learn. I have always believed that no event – regardless of its magnitude – is an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves and the World. When I had failed relationships or ventures, I used to think they were down to my failing the other person, but I learned that they were truly down to me falling myself. And the relationship or idea not working out the way I thought I wanted it to was because life is unfair, I am unworthy, and someone or something better will come along for them – or anyone else other than me. What I failed to see was that failure is feedback. Failure isn’t a thing; it’s just finding a new starting point and coming back with more wisdom and heart than before. The wisdom and passion gained are why the most successful people face failure with open arms and hope for personal growth.


The final oracle card, the Mother Earth card, guides us to feel loved and comforted. No matter how you feel right now, you are loved. You are loved by those who are part of your life.

We must allow ourselves to feel love and share the love with others. The mother Gaia can seem like a punishing and angry entity at times, but she is a mirror of the action and beliefs of the collective. When we pollute the planet, we show her no love. And the environment manifests disaster. When we hurt ourselves, we hurt her. And she offers solace to us in her many forms; sometimes, we see how she is trying to comfort us; sometimes, we miss the lesson and repeat these patterns until we learn. Give self-love, receive love. Withhold love of self, reject the love from others.

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Wow, that was heavy, but I hope this resonated with you in ways that can guide you and help you set new intentions and perspectives for your heart’s desires. We are all here to complete a puzzle that none of us will yet see, but it is our work, and we must carry on with open hearts and minds.

Blessings of light and love.



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