4 reasons to try alternative medicines

The last couple of months has been rough. Not seeing family and friends for fear of passing on or catching the virus means most people have been cooped up with nowhere to go. A pandemic might not seem like the right time to mess around with treatments, but read on for 4 reasons to try alternative medicines during this time of uncertainty.

Humans are social animals, so it feels wrong to have limited interaction and not speak to loved ones for long periods, as much as you love them!

However, one of the most significant stressors regarding Covid-19 is the impact it can have on your health. With a high number of fatalities worldwide, it hits home. It also emphasises the need to remain as fit and healthy as possible until a vaccine is available and eliminates this nasty illness.

There are many ways to enhance your health, from eating more leafy greens to exercising more regularly, yet they never feel like enough. Plus, it’s tough to be a saint all the time. An excellent alternative is to use supplementary medicines without your routine. Also known as alternative treatments, they focus on organic and natural remedies to boost your body’s ability to fight off diseases.



4 reasons to try alternative medicines
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Have you ever heard of osteopathy? Osteopathy is discussing your well-being issues with a qualified professional, such as the symptoms and how they developed and then using the information to target the root causes and create a ‘holistic picture’ regarding your lifestyle. 

Osteopathy is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine because it doesn’t cause pain. Yet, it targets problem areas from the back to aches in the upper and lower body and headaches. Plus, it’s great for the entire family, as you can see here. As you can see, an osteopath concentrates on your lifestyle as a whole, which is integral during Covid.

Coronavirus is a disease that can affect your health even if you’re a bit overweight. Therefore, considering your routine and making the necessary tweaks could reduce pain daily and improve your odds of tackling the illness should you contract it.

Remember that medicines are powerful when you are sick; however, many types of medications are not recommended for preemptive use. Osteopathy is different as it’s a technique that will strengthen your immune system to make the virus’s side effects less damaging.


4 reasons to try alternative medicines
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The other great thing about the likes of osteopathy is that it doesn’t have drugs at its foundation. As an alternative therapy, it’s natural and only uses organic treatments to deal with health problems. You might think it’s unscientific and behind the times, yet there’s one significant advantage – medicine resistance.

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A development that is just as scary as Covid-19 is that bacteria can evolve to fight off the effects of drugs. While bacterium is smart and very enduring, it’s not its intelligence or robustness that has led to this development – it’s the increasing number of prescriptions for antibiotics given over the years. Click the link for more information.

Thanks to trigger-happy doctors and the availability of over-the-counter pills, it’s easy to take paracetamol or Ibuprofen when you’re not feeling great. Unfortunately, it only makes your body less resistant to the pills’ impact when you are ill. With a virus making its way across the globe, the wise choice is to avoid drugs where possible.

Of course, there’s no reason to swerve treatment altogether. By adopting alternative medicines, such as osteopathy, you can strike the perfect balance between restoring your health and ensuring medicines are fully effective when needed.


4 reasons to try alternative medicines
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Typically, the first place you would want to go during a pandemic would be a hospital or doctor’s surgery. Since they have the best equipment and knowledge regarding treatment, you should be safe and secure, knowing a physician and team of nurses will take care of you during your stay; this isn’t the case with Covid.

Scarily, the probable hospital-acquired infection rate is around 20%. As a result, you have a one-in-five chance of contracting the virus if admitted to the hospital. Find out more by checking out this post. The good news is that alternative therapies are usually not based in these places.

Therefore, you can avoid hospitals and health centres and rest easy knowing that the odds of catching Coronavirus during a consultation are relatively low. The infection rate is low because most practices are private, and they can control the flow of patients. So, if you’re worried, you can speak to your health expert and discuss the precautions.

For instance, there should be social distancing in the waiting room. Hospitals say they do this, yet the number of patients makes it almost impossible.


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Cancer Research UK points out that people use alternative medicine because it offers a level of control you don’t get from traditional treatments. A lot of the time, it can feel as if you’re a bystander as your doctor makes all the decisions and asks you to be patient. Patience is tough when you’re worried about the results. Check out the article to learn more.

Supplementary medicines don’t require you to sit around waiting for the phone to ring—the routine of changing your lifestyle truly comes down to you. You only need an osteopath to offer guidance throughout the journey. Besides that, you get to decide which lifestyle features are the most suitable.

Being in control is necessary for stress and anxiety. It’s not only an ego thing. As cortisol in the body builds, it can exacerbate health conditions, which is distressing in a pandemic. Investing in a process allows you to sleep at night, knowing you’re doing all you can to help. As a result, the stress will be less intense and less likely to boil over.




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