My Five Favourite Mocktail Recipes

My Five Favourite Mocktail Recipes

It might seem that alcohol is everywhere and challenging to avoid. Still, according to statistics, young people (and I don’t necessarily count myself as one of them!) drink less than people in the same age group did 10-15 years ago. Remember when everybody used to smoke, and now we have a visceral reaction when someone lights up? Mocktails are becoming increasingly popular and widely available, but check my five favourite mocktail recipes for a few fun alcohol-free drink ideas.

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Is it possible that drinking is on the same trajectory? I live in Glasgow, and the drinking culture seems alive and thriving; this is especially evident when I go out for my early Saturday morning run and have to dodge piles of uneaten chips and other unpleasantries of the night before.

All this information confirms that I have made the right choice to embrace sober living and steer clear of alcohol and its short-lived-fun shelf life.

Just because I have given up drinking alcohol doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a delicious and pretty beverage. Mocktails are rising; I even attended Club Soda’s mindful drinking festival in Glasgow in 2018.

I never thought I would be typing enthusiastically about a festival without alcohol.

I also never thought I would be typing enthusiastically about my passion for making mixed drinks without alcohol in them, but here I am.

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Here are MY 5 favourite mocktail recipes

Raw Raspberry Shrub (via BBC Good Food)

mocktail recipes

Cucumber, lime and elderflower cooler (via Tesco Real Food)

mocktail recipes

Virgin Poloma (Via Town and Country Mag)

mocktail recipes

Rose Lemon Spritzer Mocktail (via Elle Decor)

mocktail recipes

Non-Alcoholic Pimms (via Club Soda)


Do you have a favourite non-alcoholic drink? Do you think it is becoming less of a stigma not to order non-alcoholic drinks on a night out? Would you attend a mindful drinking festival?




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