5 Quotes to Help You Maintain Sobriety (and Sanity)

5 quotes to help maintain sobriety

The world is a complicated and yet often simplistic place. In these ever-changing times that we are living in, it may seem like at any moment, you want to pull the hatch and escape into something that feels, well, less shitty. So, here are five quotes to help you maintain sobriety (and sanity) – as well as my two cents on each one, because why not?

I get it.

Years ago, if I were forced to spend all of my free time indoors and isolated from others, I would have used that time to pick myself apart, focus on my fears/inadequacies, and be doing it with a bottle of wine not far from my hands.

I’m not going to say that there have been no moments in the past six weeks when I have not thought, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to escape this?’ — I had those thoughts, but I now know you can’t escape. The only way to the other side of anything is to face it and embrace it.

And one thing that has helped me the most in my four years of alcohol-free living is wisdom from others.

There is no better high than discovery.

Edward O. Wilson
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A large part of recovery is about discovering yourself. Notice I didn’t say ‘rediscovering’. I haven’t been rediscovering myself, I have been finding out who I am; with all of the distractions and ‘liquid courage’ out of the picture, facing stress, anxiety, and uncertainty has forced me to learn productive ways to cope. I have discovered that I love meditating, reading, resting, nature, yoga, and more. I have also found that I am more than capable of dealing with whatever life throws my way – without eating or drinking the contents of my kitchen. I genuinely feel a ‘high’ off of waking up clear-minded and knowing that whatever I am facing, I will be able to tackle it without letting my anxiety run rampant.

Getting sober is a radically creative act.

Meredith Bell, A Sober Year: Daily Musings on an Alcohol-Free Life
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I love this quote because giving up drinking allows me to intend and create my days. I feel everything, and I know that the rituals and habits I deliberately set create my day and reality. I find this radical because before I quit drinking, I always approached each day as if I was awake, asking the universe what shit it was going to throw at me. Now, I make a habit of focusing on gratitude and how I can and will face the challenges life brings my way. Remember, we have survived 100% of everything life has thrown at us so far (bonus quote); I can say that doing it without alcohol has been amazing.

I don’t need alcohol to see the world in its depths, I carry the sun in me.

Lamine Pearlheart

If you carry love and strength within yourself, you will never need anything else to experience the world. I have heard, more than once, that people refer to alcohol as their ‘sunshine in a bottle. I used to think that was cute, but now it’s just perplexing as I know that drinking did nothing but cloud my worldview and interpretation of everything that happened around me. If you carry hope in your heart and gratitude for all that you have within, you can experience the depths of all that life has to offer – regardless of what it may be. You are the sun, the moon, the stars, and the universe. You need nothing more.

There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled.

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I have to agree. My father was always a fan of naps. He worked a lot and often didn’t sleep the best, but he would take naps in the front room and wake up saying, ‘That was just what I needed!’ Sometimes, what we need is to grab a bit of sleep. Rather than putting the mind to sleep with alcohol, take a 30-minute power nap to regroup and refresh. I can say with complete confidence that I feel better now from a short catnap than I ever did after a few glasses of midday wine. I wake up full of new ideas and energy to tackle what the day brings.

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Because alcohol is encouraged by our culture, we get the idea that it isn’t dangerous. However, alcohol is the most potent and most toxic of legal psychoactive drugs.

Beverly A. Potter & Sebastian Orfali, Brain Boosters
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Truth. Truth. TRUTH. I become enraged when I read articles about how alcohol – red wine, is ‘good for you. It isn’t. Even if you want to argue that it is, here’s the bottom line: There are better ways than grapes or alcohol to protect your heart. You know the list: exercising, following a healthful diet, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, easing stress.

Alcohol misuse is the most significant risk factor for death, ill-health and disability among 15-49-year-old individuals in the UK.




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