six tips to motivate your fitness journey

Many people give up their fitness habits as motivation fades, and holding onto that original level of commitment can be very tough. If you’ve started a new workout and fitness regimen, you will need to find a way to stay motivated. Here is a quick post sharing six tips to keep motivated on your fitness journey. 


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  1. Set goals and be specific. Specific objectives are much easier to aim for, as you can properly track your progress. For example, instead of aiming to ‘run more’, set a goal to run a certain distance or train for a race. Aim to complete a certain number of pullups, or lift a certain weight. Keep your goals achievable, but a challenge. An unrealistic goal can lower motivation as much as one that is too easy. Set a goal that will keep you engaged. 
  2. Make a training plan. Depending on the goals you have set, there are a few different ways to approach your training. You could get a personal training plan from a personal trainer, or find a training plan online that fits your goals. A training plan gives your goals structure and breaks down your larger goal into smaller targets for each day, whether that’s a fitness class, cross-training, or a rest day. 
  3. Don’t overtrain. When you start, it can be easy to fall into the trap of overtraining when you’re motivated. Please don’t overdo it too soon! If you’re enjoying your training plan, it can be tempting to try to throw yourself into it, but if you go too hard, you’re more likely to get injured or lose interest much quicker. Stick to your plan. 
  4. Find a reason. Try to figure out what motivates you to exercise, and then remind yourself why you’re doing this. Your motivation could be wanting to run a marathon for a charity you care about, for example. You could carry pictures of the people that inspired you to care about that charity. If your goal is to feel confident in a bikini on holiday or in your wedding dress, find other reminders and prompts to keep around to remind you. If you often remind yourself why you’re keeping fit, then you’re more likely to keep it up. 
  5. Record your progress. Keep a training schedule and a log of things like your running speed, weight, how much you lift, and other similar details. These stats keep you focused on your goals and allows you to monitor your progress. You will be able to see your fitness improving practically and have a constant reminder of how much you’ve improved. Seeing and feeling improvements can be the most inspiring thing when training gets tough. 
  6. Cross-train. Keeping your routine fresh is an excellent way to help you to stay motivated. Adding some cross-training alongside your regular training enables you to avoid boredom and build overall fitness. Buy boxing equipment, take up swimming, add yoga to your routine, or anything else that trains different muscles to improve your overall strength and fitness for your primary sport or activity. 
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How do you stay motivated for fitness?



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