A Karmic Tarot Reading For These Difficult Times

karmic tarot reading for difficult times

There’s been a lot of speculation from the spiritual community that the current global crisis is possibly a response to humanity’s imbalance. Imbalances such as our focus on material things, our treatment of Mother Earth, and increasing class warfare, to name a few.

I believe in karma.

I believe that we are all here to correct karmic lessons which may take several lifetimes to square away. You might disagree with my beliefs, and that’s perfectly fine, but I think it is tough to argue that what is happening in the world right now is not forcing us all to take inventory of our priorities.

Social distancing. Self-isolation. Mandatory curfews. Rationed supplies. Physical separation. Closed borders. As an American expat in the UK, the reality of not being able to plan a trip back to America to visit my friends and family is heartwrenching. Most of my husband’s family live an hour or more away and they might as well be on the other side of the Atlantic too. Every day I remind myself of the ways I have privilege. Despite facing individual challenges, the current situation must be nearly impossible vulnerable groups, such as the homeless and elderly communities. I decided to ask the universe what sense can be made of life as we know it right now. So, check out my karmic tarot reading for these difficult times.

Karmic Tarot Spread
  • Card 1: Main Karmic Energy (The Sun – Ascension Deck)
  • Card 2: Karmic Roots (The Earth – Ascension Deck)
  • Card 3: Karmic Potentials (The Moon – Major Arcana)
  • Card 4: Karmic Opportunities (Eight of Wands – Minor Arcana)
  • Card 5: Karmic Lesson (The Chariot – Major Arcana)

Main Karmic Energy

karmic tarot reading
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The primary karmic energy of this reading is The Sun card from Donna Cooper’s Ascension Deck: Accelerate Your Journey Into the Light. This card is about invoking the power of the sun to fill up a renewed enthusiasm for life. The sun’s energy will enable self-empowerment but also the ability and motivation to help others to cope and become empowered. The sun fills up our aura and shines a light on our inner truths and provides us with guidance to act with determination and confidence right now. The card reads:

I radiate golden light and take decisive action today.

This card shows that on a karmic level, we want to empower ourselves and help one another in selfless ways. It is what we must do in these times we are currently facing. This card is calling on us to not only make grounded and rational decisions but to do so with courage. Despite the call to distance socially and physically, our enthusiasm for life is needed, and our light is required to shine onto the darkness others may be facing.

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Karmic Roots

karmic tarot reading
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The Karmic roots, the birthplace of our energy for this reading, couldn’t be more fitting than The Earth card from the Donna Cooper Ascension deck. This card suggests that we connect directly with Lady Gaia, the angel – or physical manifestation – in charge of our planet, as well as Taia, the elemental master of Earth. This card speaks to the power of connection between ourselves and the world we inhabit. When we engage with nature, we strengthen the collective bond with the Earth. When we take her for granted, she suffers, and disconnection occurs along with negative aspects of the elements, invoked by Taia. Perhaps what is happening at the moment is a reflection of our interference from Source energy and our planet. There is a call for humanity slow down, reconnect with ourselves and each other. The Earth needs time to heal; we are now giving her that time so that she can better serve us in harmony. The card reads:

I thank Lady Gaia for inviting me to be on Earth.

Karmic Potentials

karmic tarot reading
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Karma is not done to us; we generate it. As above, so below. The symbol of infinite potential. We only ever get back what we put out. The card pulled to represent karmic potentials, The Moon, represents intuition and incoming connection as a healing mechanism. This card is asking us to pay attention to what higher powers, as well as our spirit guides, are trying to tell us. Self-isolation and social distancing is a way to reconnect with our higher self. Collectively we can better serve the Earth when we water our soil and tend to our immediate gardens. For so long, our attention was outwardly focused, but now is the time for inner focus, listening to what is genuinely needed, and healing holistically. What we put into ourselves, we get back. What we put out to Mother Earth, she gets back. It starts with each of us, this karmic potential.

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Karmic Opportunities

karmic tarot reading
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Do patterns repeat? Do you feel like you’re always in the same situation with the same struggles, and no matter what you do, you keep ending up with the same dynamics? This is not an accident.

The veils (a place where it is believed that the separation between the physical and spiritual worlds is less dense) have been and continue to thin out between the physical and spiritual realms. Particularly now in this time between the Spring solstice and Beltane (the halfway point between Winter and Summer). When the veils thin, we have more significant opportunities to revisit karmic patterns – including those that may have been in a past life. Often we think things like, ‘This always happens to me!,’ or ‘Why am I always in this situation?’ You are in this situation and repeating these patterns because you are stuck, karmically speaking. The Eight of Wands card is a great card to pull when it comes to new opportunity because it represents movement, rapid change, and alignment. Embrace the momentum! Remember that the number 8 is a physical representation of the infinity symbol; right now, what you put out you will get back, so embrace whatever intuition or energies that come your way. Even amid this global health crisis, there will be energies that can be adopted for positive growth. If you’re home, start journaling or take that course you’ve always been interested in; anything new or any creative impulse, act on it! Intuition and alignment are in the (literal) cards for us right now!

Karmic Lesson

karmic tarot reading
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I can’t help but believe that what is happening right now is trying to teach us something about ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth. So many of us don’t have time to care for ourselves holistically. We compromise various aspects of our health and growth to keep up with the pace of life. Since countries and cities have enforced citizens to stay home, NASA has released photos from space of how drastic the emissions have dropped, and air quality has improved in places like China and Italy. The canals in Venice, Italy, have never been cleaner. People have been offering to help those most vulnerable. Many families are getting to spend more time together when otherwise, it may have only been a few hours per day. The environment has been crying out for relief. She needs to heal. If Mother Earth (Gaia) heals, she will, in turn, heal us. The Chariot card is all about taking action and progressing in positive ways. As well, the Chariot card is a call to willpower and perseverance. In these trying times, it can seem like all hope is lost, and it can be easy to become complacent or discouraged. By focusing on positive aspects of even the worst of situations, life throws our way is a surefire way to outgrow karmic patterning and clear karmic debt. If we can collectively push through and glean wisdom from this crisis, it can only have a positive impact on our collective karma. 

This reading gave me a lot to think about and reflect upon inwardly.

If you’re interested in an online tarot reading, send me an email at erin@erinslifebites.com.

What are some positive aspects you have experienced during this time?


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