Tarot Reading: Trust and Courage to Live Your Truth

courage to live your truth tarot reading

So, it’s been a while. The world has been throwing so many curve balls at us lately. I am no exception to this, of course. These days we need trust and courage to live our Truth.

We are currently living through such incredible energetic times. I mean, the tangible representation of events that have transpired over the past couple of months.

As mentioned before, we are currently living out a four energy global year. Four energy is our heart chakra, the house of our Soul and our Inner Being’s core navigational system. Energetic shifts have been paving the way for this opportunity to embrace a path to ascension and higher levels of consciousness.

One of the roadblocks I have faced during my spiritual awakening is trusting myself. Trust is vital to our self-esteem and our ability to trust and live harmoniously with others. I believe that the current energy we are living through is here to trigger us into trusting in not only our selves but who and what we have been attracting into our lives.

I have personally gone through a lot of transitional events over the past 21 days. The old me would have made this time an opportunity to focus on negativity, despair and how I continue to be a victim to things that are out of my control.

I now know that my response to everything is in my control. I embrace triggers because they help me figure out what is underneath my skin. We live in a culture that is so thrown by triggers. I understand that PTSD and trauma are real and challenging to work through – but what I have decided to work on at a base level over the past nine months or so is focusing on why I feel triggered by things that have no visible or external trauma. Sometimes it is impatience. Other times it is fear-based. I used to block out my triggers and used them as an excuse to be self-destructive and create unnecessary drama in my life and the lives of those around me.

Building trust within myself has been essential to facing ‘triggers’ and letting myself feel what jabs at me because the only way through something is to find the way out from within. And the only way we can do this is to tune into our intuition and release the energetic blocks and patterns that keep us stagnant and scared.

What we have been dealing with this year is collective trauma felt on so many varying levels of spirituality. No matter who you are or where you are, you are impacted by the triggers this has unleashed. Know that you have everything you need within you to heal and energetically, emotionally and spiritually grow.

Now, onto this Tarot Tuesday reading.

trust and courage to live your truth

Tarot Tuesday: Trust and Courage to Live Your Truth

MAIN CARD: The dominant energy for the reading is card #26, The Gold and Silver Cloak, from Donna Cooper’s Ascension Cards deck (I LOVE this deck so much, you can check them out here). As today is the 26th of May, and I know about five people with who have a birthday today – including my cousin, Bethany! So, I felt a pull from Spirit for this particular card.

trust and courage to live your truth

The card is The Gold and Silver Cloak regarding perfect harmony and our ability to balance wisdom and power and the connection between our element bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Energetic. Visualising yourself wrapped in the Gold and Silver Cloak will draw in purified energy to surround you, making you magnetic to the people, places and things that are specifically for your highest good. The card encourages the use of the affirmation: I am in total balance and harmony.



trust and courage to live your truth

The card Spirit provided for representation of the physical body is the Four of Cups in reverse. The cups suit of the Tarot represents the element of water and the emotions that can be challenging to separate our Inner Being image from our outside perceptions of reality.

The water element of the cups suit represents the absorption and reflection of the energy and the emotions of those around you. The Gold and Silver Cloak card is all about drawing in the energy necessary for balance and harmony (aka inner trust) and the protection the visualisation of wearing the cloak provides.

The Four of Cups reversed represents new opportunities for personal growth and the courage and support to open yourself up to new and positive opportunities. As well, the Four of Cups in reverse is about forging new emotional connections, which will trigger an introspective inventory and clarity into trusting yourself and others.


trust and courage to live your truth

The card that Spirit chose to represent the emotional body for this reading is The Star in reverse. The Star is part of the Major Arcana of the Tarot cards, representing the ‘calm after the storm’, healing and trust in the Divine. When this card is in reverse, it means that a healing presence which is much needed exists within but cannot be accessed. The Star in reverse provides a message it is okay to trust in the Universe as well as the part you play here in this life.

The Sun in reverse tells us that to gain and earn both personal trust and respect as well as the trust and respect of others, we must open our hearts to truth and light. For example, if an opportunity has been presenting itself to you and you keep making excuses why you should not take advantage of it, it is perhaps a direct indication that there is messaging and heart connection available for personal expansion. As you visualise yourself wearing The Gold and Silver Cloak, remember that what comes your way is there for your growth and healing and to take full advantage of this, you must be willing to accept these gifts.


Tuesday Tarot

Wow! Spirit has provided another card in reverse, The Fool represents the Mental body and is the first of the Major Arcana cards. The Fool card represents a fear of the unknown or possible risks that could occur should you take a specific course of action. As this reading is about building complete trust in ourselves and the Universe, the Fool card is indicating that there has been hesitancy to proceed with specific actions.

As the Gold and Silver Cloak serves to attract beings and situations intended to catapult you to your highest good, there is no need to fear what you are drawing when you have trust in yourself and your desires. Now is the time to focus on that balance and harmony to bring new miracles of change into reality. As shown in both the previous cards, The Fool card supports the message that when you trust yourself and your worth, you will attract more of what serves you and those around you. As Gabrielle Bernstein’s book says, “The Universe Has Your Back.” And it does!


Tuesday Tarot

The final card, the Three of Wands Reversed, represents the Energetic Body for this reading. The Three of Wands card, powered by the number three vibration, which represents fluidity and free movement. The reverse of this card depicts blocked communication and that you are limiting your expression causing a divide between your heart chakra and the throat chakra – which is the fifth chakra and third down from the crown chakra.

The Three of Wands in reverse supporting The Gold and Silver Cloak card represents the need to speak your truth. If there is something that you have needed to say or express, you are harming yourself, and the energetic intention of anyone else involved when you do not trust yourself or others to communicate what you need to. Communication blocks can cause emotional and physical disruptions, such as a sore throat. You are protected, you are safe, and it is okay to communicate your truth.

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Many of us fear to speak our truth due to our innate fear of rejection; as seen with that Fool card in reverse energy. However, what you need to understand is that when you live your truth and speak it if people back away, it is likely that you have triggered something inside them that they are not able to process. Speaking your truth and living honestly and confidently will draw in the right people and the highest supporting energy. Much like Dr Seuss wrote, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

You can only reach your highest self when you own your truth. Now is the time to take advantage of these shifts and to help to heal the collective consciousness.

Did this reading resonate with you? Are you living your truth?

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