Five Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore (Collaborative Post)

5 cancer symptoms you shouldnt ignore

Unfortunately, cancer is one of the biggest health threats we can face. While extensive research is happening each day and survival rates for some cancers are on the rise, it is still a reality that impacts our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Often, people do not associate specific symptoms, and because of this, the development of cancer can go unnoticed. Baring this in mind, here are four cancer symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.

Five Cancer Symptoms Your Should't Ignore
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Five Cancer Symptoms You Can't Ignore
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Sometimes there are less obvious symptoms of cancer. For example, an abnormal growth, or tumour, that develops in the body’s soft tissue. If the tumour gets advanced, it can cause symptoms such as breathlessness, nausea, and fatigue. Again, if you’re not feeling like yourself or experiencing any of these symptoms without a physical association, schedule a thorough medical check to eliminate any underlying problems. 


One of the most significant indications of cancer is a lump developing somewhere it shouldn’t. Places like breast or gland areas such as the neck or head are the most obvious places. Can you feel something unusual? You know your body best. Most of the time, these occurrences can be something completely normal, but obviously, there are occasions where they turn out to be more serious. It is vital that you seek out advice so that any cancer treatment needed can take place. If you spot something unusual, go and get it checked out to put your mind at ease. 


Bleeding can be a significant indication that there is a problem. Most common is unexplained vaginal bleeding, in women, or blood appearing in urine or stool for both men and women. Abnormal bleeding, many times, happens for less severe reasons, but getting it checked out thoroughly is the best course of action.  


Bloating is another common symptom that can go unnoticed that could be a sign of cancer. Of course, many women suffer from bloating every month due to hormonal and menstrual cycle changes. However, if you are noticed persistent bloating on most days – or occurring for longer than three weeks – it is best to go and get checked out. 


It’s essential to be aware of your body so you can identify some of the harder to notice symptoms of a health problem. Learning to become in tune with your bodily habits could be lifesaving. For example, if your stools become softer consistently, you are urinating more frequently, or your body’s reactions to things are changing. Take note of these changes and speak to your GP.  


Finally, if you are not intentionally seeking weight loss but notice a big difference, then go and get check out. Severe weight loss over a short period could mean there may be an underlying health issue that needs attention.   

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Let’s hope this has made you more aware of things to look out for when it comes to your health. I lost my father to cancer in 2011 and personally understand how important it is to listen to my body and advocate for myself when something doesn’t feel quite right. Take advantage of any screenings available and when you should get regularly checked out.  

**This is a collaborative post.

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