5 Supplements for Managing Stress and Anxiety**

supplements for managing stress and anxiety

We all experience stress and anxiety at times, and so we should not be afraid to discuss our feelings. As the global pandemic continues, more of us are likely prone to anxiety than usual. It’s important to practice self-care, switch off the news now and then, and help our minds and bodies to relax. Check out these 5 supplements for managing stress and anxiety.

1. Valerian Root

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Valerian root is a herb initially grown across Europe and Asia, it has a strong odour which many find displeasing, yet its therapeutic benefits are welcomed. It contains various compounds that help to ease anxiety and aid sleep. The root contains isovaleric acid and valeric acid, which produce calming effects. There is a suggestion that valerian interacts with GABA, which regulates the nerves in our brains. Valerian root can help to hinder the process of GABA breakdown and produce feelings of tranquillity. Valerian root is also known as ‘natural valium.’

2. Passion Flower

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Passion Flower is a beautiful purple-flowered plant belonging to the Passiflora family. Herbalists and Naturopaths believe that consuming passiflora helps to support conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. Like valerian, it’s thought that the passion flower improves GABA levels in our brains. Health Line’s scientific study indicated a direct link between passion flowers and improving sleep quality. You can buy passionflower in tablets or drink it in the form of tea.

3. 5-HTP

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5-Hydroxytryptophan occurs naturally within the body, and it’s an amino acid that we need to produce serotonin. When a person’s serotonin levels are low, they are likely to be anxious, depressed, and suffer from poor sleep. When we increase serotonin production, we feel less stressed and more at peace.

4. SAM-e

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SAM-e refers to a type of molecule formed naturally in our bodies. SAM-e involves the breakdown and formation of hormones, proteins, and phospholipids. Some studies have suggested that taking a SAM-e supplement can help to reduce angst and tension levels. It’s believed that it can influence the chemicals in our bodies, which play a part in producing pain.

5. St John’s Wort

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St.John’s Wort is a popular supplement for those who struggle with stress and anxiety. It’s thought that the hyperforin compound influences our nervous system and produces a positive and calming effect. One thing to note about this herb is that it can interact with various medications – particularly birth control pills, so it’s essential to check with your doctor before taking it. The above supplements may also cause interactions, so always read the labels carefully and seek medical advice beforehand. 

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Understandably many people do not want to leave their homes due to COVID-19. It’s essential to seek medical help if your anxiety and stress levels become unmanageable. CBD Medical is offering telephone consultations for those who prefer this option. They provide a range of essential health checks and medical services, all of which are on the website.




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