Four Health Checks You Shouldn’t Ignore

4 health checks you shouldn't ignore

It seems we’re made aware of how vital things like diet and exercise are to our overall health every day. In fact, we hear it so often that sometimes it’s the only thing that we focus on. However, there is more to our health than just making sure we get enough of a balanced diet. 

While we must pay attention to our diet and exercise, there are four health checks that you shouldn’t ignore. 

Here are some other health checks you should be making regularly. 

Check Your Eyesight

four health checks you shouldn't ignore
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Your eyesight is essential. Not only do you need to be able to see clearly to do everyday things like driving a car, but if you’re straining to see, you may be giving yourself unnecessary side effects, such as headaches. 

You should get your eyes tested every two years to see if there have been any changes in your eyesight. 

An eye examination will involve a series of simple short tests to see how well you can see. From the information gathered, an optometrist will be able to provide you with a prescription for glasses if needed. 

Once you have your prescription, head to, and order new glasses that match (and correct!) your eyesight. 

Get Your Hearing Tested

four health checks you shouldn't ignore
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You may assume that problems with hearing affect older people. But this is not always the case. Hearing loss affects many people of all ages. It can cause damage or even an infection. 

Hearing loss can come on gradually, and you might not notice that your hearing has deteriorated. You may start to find that you’re mishearing things people say to you or even completely missing out on certain words. 

Make an appointment with an audiologist and have your hearing tested. 

Get a Dental Checkup

four health checks you shouldn't ignore
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Your dental health is essential. A build-up of plaque bacteria will lead to tooth decay. This build-up can result in infection and considerable pain and can lead to other various health conditions.

A visit to the dentist will help to spot the signs of plaque building up. If you catch it early, it is possible to reduce the risk of tooth decay by taking preventative steps such as improved brushing or having minor dental work such as fillings carried out. 

You should ideally make an appointment to see your dentist at least every six months.

Check Your Mental Health

four health checks you shouldn't ignore
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We lead such busy lives, and society puts so much pressure on us to behave a certain way and keep up with one another. Often, it can be hard to notice problems with our mental health creeping in. 

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We might automatically mask feelings of stress or anxiety or fail to allow ourselves to feel them or deal with them accordingly – often, we may not even know the next best step to take.

But it is essential that we do allow ourselves to get in touch with these feelings and that we acknowledge them and deal with them by allowing ourselves the time to look after of our needs through relaxation and self-care.

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