4 Small Changes That Can Help The Environment

4 small changes that can help the environment

Habits are something that you need to assess so that you can make sure that you make some positive changes. By changing your actions, you can begin to minimise the impact you have on the environment. There are many environmental consequences due to unnecessary plastic waste and air pollution. You may feel like you can’t make a big difference, but if everyone makes a small change, it adds up to something more significant. Check out these four small changes that can help the environment.


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Fast fashion is exceptionally harmful to the environment. The process of making clothing can pollute water systems, and many clothing items produced end up in landfills when people get bored and want something new. Clothing should be well-made and something you purchase to wear repeatedly, so when you want to get rid of it, you can take it to a consignment shop or do a clothing swap with friends.

Clothing exchanges are fun for you and your friends to exchange items and get something new without negative environmental consequences. Instead, you are extending the item’s life.

Try shopping in second-hand shops. There will be plenty of useful quality items that you will be able to incorporate into your wardrobe, and if they are vintage, they will also be unique items that others will likely not have.

When buying new clothing, try to purchase from sustainable clothing companies. Sites and apps like good on you can help you find brands that are better for the environment while informing you about the best brands to avoid.


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Single-use plastics also fill up our landfills and serve no purpose other than to be used once and thrown away. To do your bit for the environment, you should try cutting down on the number of single-use plastics you buy and throw away. It may be difficult to cut single-use items out of your life altogether, but reducing your consumption of them is better than doing nothing.

Switch to reusable bags instead of buying plastic bags from the shop. Reusable bags are easy to carry around in your pocket or handbag, so you have one whenever you need it. If you like to get coffee to go, bring a travel cup with you to your favourite coffee shop. Most places will put your drink in your container, and some will give you a small discount as an incentive to keep doing it. 


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Driving a car everywhere can release a lot of unnecessary CO2 emissions into the air. It is better to reserve the use of your vehicle for longer journeys, and where possible, use a different mode of transport to get around. Walk to your corner shop, cycle to work, or take the bus/train. These are all better options and will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that you put into the world. 

Walking and cycling also enable you to be more active, which improves overall health. Public transport allows you to read, write, or even knit because you don’t need to worry about driving!


Whenever possible, try to buy your produce from local markets. For instance, at a Farmer’s Market, there will be plenty of fruit and vegetables to pick from, which are all local and fresh. Another benefit of local produce is that it will be loose instead of wrapped in plastic bags/shrink wrap that you end up throwing away.

If there are no markets that you can attend nearby, try to buy loose fruit and veg at your local supermarket to avoid packaging waste. Also, try not to overbuy items or, if you do go overboard, come up with ways to repurpose your produce, for example, if you have any leftover bits, turn it into a lovely vegetable soup. 

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If you like to give dinner parties, you can make your friends recipes using local produce. Instead of using napkins that you throw away, you could get a reusable option like hotel-quality napkins from Richard Haworth that you can wash and use at all your dinner parties.




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