Tooth decay, which you may also hear called cavities, is one of the most common health problems in the world. Many factors go towards causing tooth decay, which is essentially when your tooth is permanently damaged. Some of those causes include too much bacteria within the mouth and consuming too much sugar. However, although cavities are common, that doesn’t mean you can do nothing to prevent tooth decay. Many things can be done to stop it and even reverse it specifically. Read on to find out four ways you can prevent tooth decay.


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A straightforward way to prevent tooth decay is to brush your teeth regularly and well. Ideally, you should brush them after every meal and drink you have for the very best care, but this isn’t always possible in the real world. However, brushing them at least twice a day (in the morning and before bed) should be good enough as long as you follow some of the other points on this list. 

Because brushing alone won’t be enough, you’ll also need to use mouthwash and floss to ensure that every area of your teeth is cleaned. In this way, there is much less chance of tooth decay forming. 


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Most of the time, when you think of orthodontists and their work, you’ll think of improving the look of your smile. That’s why many people, including many adults, choose to have braces – they want their teeth to be straight, so their smile is more attractive. 

Yet, there is another reason to straighten your teeth, which has nothing to do with your looks. It will be much harder, perhaps impossible, to clean them properly when you have crooked teeth. No matter how hard you try, you’ll find that you have bits of food stuck in the gaps and crevices, and over time these will accumulate and cause tooth decay. When your teeth are straight, you can keep them much cleaner, and there is far less chance of food getting stuck at all. 


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Sugary drinks are a bad idea when it comes to protecting your teeth from front tooth decay, and although you might have them once in a while as a treat (and brush your teeth straight afterwards), the best thing you can drink to keep your teeth – and the rest of your body – healthy is water. 

This might lead you to buy a lot of bottled water, and although this is not an issue regarding your overall health, it’s still not ideal for your teeth. This is because bottled water doesn’t contain the fluoride that tap water does and, therefore, won’t offer you an added layer of protection. The more tap water you can drink, the more protected your teeth will be


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When you visit your dentist regularly – at least once a year and ideally every six months – they will be able to tell you if there is a problem that needs addressing. Sometimes you might not even realize that you are suffering from tooth decay at first, but the earlier it is caught, the better the results can be. 

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Not only that, but your dentist can give you professional teeth cleaning, ensuring that every piece of dirt and debris is removed and your teeth are as clean as possible. 

What steps do you take to prevent tooth decay?



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