how does the uk healthcare system work

The public healthcare system in the UK, known as the NHS, is widely considered one of the World’s best. However, the flaws are becoming increasingly evident. Let’s stress; this is not because of the incredible people working for the NHS. They work long, long hours and do an amazing service for our country. It’s the system itself that has flaws. The waiting lists are extensive, and patient demand is far too high concerning resources and the number of doctors and nurses available. Because of this, an increasing number of people are turning towards international health insurance instead. So, how does our healthcare system work?


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The NHS waiting lists are astronomical at present. You may find yourself waiting weeks and even months for the treatment you require, primarily if it is not related to COVID. Many people are even opting to have a private COVID test because of the speed. Patients find themselves waiting weeks for a scan, and then they have to wait weeks for the results, and then they must wait weeks again for the necessary treatment. It makes the whole process extremely lengthy, which means that individuals can be worried and in a significant amount of discomfort for an extended time. 

The reason why the waiting lists are so long is that patient demand is vast. Every day hundreds of thousands of patients visit their GP. There are not enough nurses, doctors and resources to cope with the sheer volume of patient demand. The high demands can also result in missed or delayed diagnoses because professionals often handle more work than they should.


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Thus, many people in the UK are turning towards international medical care plans. International medical care plans grant access to the best hospitals, doctors and treatments in the country and worldwide. These medical plans also ensure that policyholders are protected at home and abroad. Ultimate peace of mind is assured. 

By investing in a global health insurance plan, not only are you going to reap the rewards of a higher level of quality, but it will also reduce waiting times dramatically. You don’t have to worry about waiting ages for treatment. 

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In the UK, Coronavirus and existing issues with the public healthcare system are likely to increase. You don’t want to be a casualty of this, nor do you have to be. By purchasing a worldwide health insurance plan, you can be sure that you will have access to the high-quality treatment you need when you need it. Determining which level of cover you require is also essential. If you go for a high cover policy, the coverage will likely include everything from maternity to dental care, which you may want to consider. 

While residents of the UK (and the World over) recognise and appreciate that the NHS staff are true heroes, there’s no denying that the system and healthcare demands are continuously evolving and require some changes. 

Have you ever purchased (or thought about purchasing) an international health plan?



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