How Life Will Become Sweeter When You Cut Down On Sugar

how life is sweeter when you cut down on sugar

Have you ever tried to cut down on sugar? It can be challenging, as not only do you have to stop eating chocolate and other types of candy, but you also have to rule out a whole range of different foods that have a surprisingly high sugar quotient. Oh, and you also have to live without sugar in your cups of tea!

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So, unless you have the capacity and willpower to do so, we aren’t suggesting you give up on sugar full stop. However, what you can do is follow the previous link for some of the foods you might be able to eliminate from your diet, and you could also think twice when choosing snack items from your local supermarket. Not every snack needs to be coated in chocolate or loaded with sugar. Here are some snack ideas to prove it. 

Your life will become sweeter if you do cut down on sugar, and these are the reasons why. #healthyeating #eatsmarter #eliminatesugar Click To Tweet

Your life will become sweeter if you do cut down on sugar, and these are the reasons why.

#1: You will have fewer cavities

A no-brainer, of course, as you should already know sugary items are the biggest causes of tooth decay and painful cavities. Sticky sweets and cakes are the worst, as not only do you harm your teeth with every bite you take, but the bits that get caught in your teeth can create further damage if you don’t brush and floss after eating. Sucking on sweets is another issue you need to consider, as the longer those goodies are in your mouth, the more damage you are doing to your teeth. So, to reduce your visits to the dentist, and save your mouth from a world of pain, let this reminder to care for your teeth give you the incentive to cut down on sugar. 

#2: You will have more energy

The more sugar you consume, the more insulin you produce, and as discussed here, this can ultimately lead to a drop in energy. Hence the term ‘sugar crash.’ And not only will you feel more tired, but you might also feel other side-effects of the crash, including anxiety, dizziness, and feelings of shakiness. So, while you might sometimes be tempted to eat more sugar for those all-important energy bursts, know that your health and energy levels will quickly flag if you do. So, cut out those items you might rely on for energy, such as chocolate and power drinks, as they won’t help you in the long term. Instead, to cut down on sugar intake, drink more water and eat something nutritious, as you will then have more energy for your workouts, workloads, and any other activity that requires concentration and increased physical ability.

#3: You will protect your health

It’s not only your dental health that you have to worry about. Too much sugar in your diet can also lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney damage, depression, and a range of other health issues. Check the linked article to find out more. So, the next time you’re tempted to add another spoonful of sugar into your morning coffee, and when you’re contemplating what to put in your weekly shopping basket, think twice and ask yourself, is the extra dosage of sugar in my diet worth it? For the sake of your long-term health, we believe you already know the answer!

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Are you mindful of your sugar intake?

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