How To Make a Non-Alcoholic Rum and Coke

non-alcoholic rum and coke

Unless you’re new, you know I no longer drink alcohol. There is a divide in the non-drinking community where some people believe drinking mocktails and zero alcohol beers, wines and spirits are counter-productive to abstaining from alcohol. Many people who used to drink alcohol and no longer do still appreciate a fun drink (without the added substances) so, for you, I would like to tell you how to make a non-alcoholic rum and coke – which you can enjoy super sensibly with little to no effort.

I disagree—some people genuinely like mixology or the taste of beer. Back in my twenties, I used to watch my father nurse a six-pack of Odoul’s Beer over the summer and not get it.
“What’s the point in drinking a beer with no alcohol?” My father would reply, “I like the taste of beer, but I don’t like the effects of alcohol.”

Fast-forward about a decade, and I see where he was coming from. Where I can understand people being concerned about the cognitive associations between a zero alcohol glass of Chardonnay, I can also understand that some people like the taste of a drink but not its side effects.

Okay, now that we’ve scratched that surface – on to today’s post; How to make a non-alcoholic rum and coke.



non-alcoholic rum and coke
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First, a public service announcement: I drink sugar-free beverages – or as they say here in Scotland, ‘fizzy drinks’ – so if that’s not your thing, you might not like this. However, I had my husband try this the other night, who rarely enjoys drinking soda or anything other than water, and he thought it was pretty tasty.

This drink recipe requires only two ingredients, contains no alcohol and is even sugar-free (though you could use regular cola if you so choose!).

Are you ready for the secret ingredients?

  1. Jordan’s Skinny Syrup in the flavour Cinnamon Vanilla.
  2. Coke Zero (or regular, again, if you prefer!).
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Jordan’s Skinny Syrups are my jam. I absolutely love them.

I have always loved blended coffee drinks and sweet protein shakes. I have struggled now that I live in the UK because they don’t have coffee creamers. In America, you can get SO many flavoured coffee creamers; it borders on obsession. I love creamers, so Jordan’s Skinny Syrups are a fantastic alternative for making sweet drinks and snacks.

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non-alcoholic rum and coke

Back in my real Rum & Coke drinking days, I loved Bacardi Razz, so I experimented with Pepsi Max Raspberry with the Jordan’s Skinny Cinnamon and Vanilla syrup, and it was, well…


So, if you’re a Rum and Cokes fan and don’t want to feel like you’re missing out this summer, give this one a try. Don’t forget to share it and follow me on social media!



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