How To Relax In Three Tranquil Steps

how to relax in three tranquil steps

Relaxing means being able to take time for yourself to follow your pursuits. In the twenty-first century, we are busier and more on the go than ever, making it more challenging to find the time and space to unwind. Understanding how you can relax is a difficulty in itself. You might be struggling with an overbearing boss at work, have family issues, or be anxious about a relationship. This can give you minimal headspace for anything else. However, following these three simple steps can help you find a relaxing and more tranquil existence.


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Forget about worrying about the number of hours you have in a day to complete tasks. Finding extended periods to dedicate to your hobbies and passions can be tricky. However, smaller chunks of time can be more manageable to accommodate and commit to more relaxing moments. Even if you are snowed under at work, you can take ten minutes out of your day to head outdoors for a walk. Getting out in the fresh air can be mentally, emotionally and physically beneficial. Natural sunlight can help regulate your body clock, help you sleep better and boost your mood. This can allow you to return to the office with recharged batteries and a more positive frame of mind.

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For some people, relaxing means pursuing a tranquil and peaceful pastime. You might be keen to purchase yourself one of the many pilates mats available to attend some yoga or pilates sessions. This exercise will help strengthen your core with gentle postures and movements. You can also focus on your breathing and thought processes, using the activity as a mindfulness-type hobby. For others, the slow and mundane exercise is boring rather than relaxing. While it may sound like an oxymoron, many people want more thrills and excitement to help them relax. Adrenaline-seeking enthusiasts might struggle with giving a presentation at work – but send them on a bungee jump, and they are at their happiest and most relaxed.


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Travel is a life-affirming activity that can help you to switch off and reassess what is important to you. Being in a different geographic location can also help you feel worlds away mentally. Consider the travel you want to embark on to help you relax. You can take the holiday you are owed from work and head overseas. For some, this will be at an all-inclusive resort in Seychelles. For others, it will be a city break, immersing themselves in new cultures and heading off the beaten track to local haunts. Travelling can allow you to return to work refreshed and with renewed vigour, putting your work stress into perspective.

A bonus way to relax: Bird music! (Yes, bird music). Check out this post about why bird music is great for relaxation. Did you know that sound therapy can be excellent for easing symptoms brought on by issues such as PTSD, anxiety, and learning disabilities? This type of chirping noise is more relaxing than some of the ‘tweets’ we’re used to these days, so give it a read!

Everyone can feel stressed, anxious and panicked at some point. Follow this guide, and you will soon feel more relaxed.




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