Six Ways Your Job May Be Impacting Your Health

6 ways your job may be impacting your health

You go to work every single day and sometimes this means working for someone (or an organisation) who doesn’t always have your best interests at heart. Yes, they pay you a wage, but they do not care for you in the ways you need them to. They do not care as much for your welfare compared to the interest they have for their profits.

Did you know that your job could be giving you more than stress issues? You need to seriously consider the harm your job could be causing your health, as it could also be impacting your mental health. Here are six ways your job may be impacting your health.

Reduced Exercise Performance

six ways your job may be impacting your health
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You may find you’re out of shape. You need to be able to exercise as a way to release stress. The emotional and mental drain you experience as a result of pressure from your job can also impact your ability to perform exercises to the degree you once did. Be sure to take rest and make physical activity a top priority.

Poor Mental Health

six ways your job may be impacting your health
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Your mental health may suffer if you are stressed due to pressure at work. Self-doubt, excessive multi-tasking, and unreasonable deadlines can all lead to feeling overwhelmed, which may linger long after you clock out. Focus on communicating how your workload is impacting you and create boundaries regarding what stresses you are willing to take home with you. Believe that you’ve put in a decent day’s work and make peace with the fact that today’s gone and tomorrow’s a new day.

Addiction Issues

six ways your work may be impacting your health
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Your after-work drinks go from once a week to three times, to five or more. The last thing that you need is to end up with a problem that could require alcohol rehab stemming from the stress and pressure you are under at work. You should feel good about your work as well as your social; there shouldn’t need to be an internal battle. Finding productive ways to manage your stress, such as meditation, yoga, or taking a nature walk, is the best alternative. Alcohol never solves the issue of stress; in fact, the effects of alcohol on mental health are now undisputed in terms of magnifying anxiety and depression.  

Health Issues

After a long shift at work, you should not have to cope with high blood pressure or heart issues, and yet you could be if your job stresses you out to the point that it is impacting your physical health. Your stomach could suffer from digestive issues and some people even experience heart palpitations. Pay attention as well to any urine colour changes as this can indicate anything from dehydration to kidney stones, both unpleasant and dangerous conditions.

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Heart Issues

Extreme stress can leave you at higher risk of a heart attack. You need to think about the pressure your job puts you under and have regular check-ups with your doctor. Chest pains and a racing heart, although common and usually harmless, are two signs of potential heart issues. If you experience anything that doesn’t feel right or persists, please seek the advice of a medical professional.

Joint Pain

six ways your job may be impacting your health
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The tension you feel while you are at work can lead to muscle discomfort and changes in posture. Muscle and joint pain can be challenging to handle – particularly if you have a desk job. Stretching throughout the workday is something you can do to help lengthen and strengthen muscles, but also make sure that you are exercising a minimum of four times per week to ensure that your body’s condition remains limber. 

What ways has a job negatively impacted your health?

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