Tarot Tuesday: March 3-9,2020

How about the past week? I am confident I am not the only person who felt so many overwhelming emotions and energies over the past seven days, right? Last week’s energy was the Two of Swords and the energy associated with blockage or stagnancy. I felt some of that last week – did you? Let’s pull the card for this Tuesday Tuesday for the week of March 3 – 9, 2020.


Tarot Tuesday

The Lovers – a Major Arcana card – can represent conflict and decision making and our ability to accept responsibility for the reality we create.

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It is not shocking that this week presents us with more opportunities for conflict and indecision. Mercury is in Aquarius for approximately the next two weeks, and with that, which will push us to want to embrace new ideas and getting in touch with our creative side. Venus is also entering Taurus over the next four weeks, and with that, we will be seeking the familiar and secure while still finding ways to trust our gut instinct. The universe and energies are most potent this week for those under the signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Pisces, Aries, and Gemini


The Lovers card is a sign of high sexual energy and enthusiasm, but for those in relationships – you may be struggling to see eye-to-eye about an essential subject with your partner. If you’re single, it may be an indication that love is on the way, but exercise patience and caution before jumping straight into, well, anything with them. Remember, when we connect with a partner, we don’t just connect physically and emotionally, but also energetically. Be mindful of the way the space you are sharing with potential mates is vibrating. This is not the time for superficial connections.


Now is an excellent time for partnerships, not just romantically, but professionally. That said, The Lovers card could indicate that there is possibly someone you know in a professional sense with whom you might also feel a strong attraction. Proceed with caution, however. Right now could also be a time for applying for that new position or starting that new project you have been obsessing over. The Lover card is advantageous for people seeking financial support and investment.

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This week is imperative for taking care of the body, eating well, sleeping well, and taking time to do the things that feel good. With the moon’s transition over the next seven days, it is imperative to nurture our bodies and take this time to strike while the energy has our intuition iron hot. Maybe take the time to address that ache or issue you have been brushing off.


The spiritual energy is intense this week. Now is the time to tune in to the higher self. Our higher self is always with us but can become muddied by the chaos of day-to-day life. Take the time to lift the vibratory potential that surrounds you. A great way to relax, connect, and elevate your vibration is to try out a salt bath. The Lovers card can also be an indication that there is someone in your life who is on the same spiritual wavelength – potentially in a romantic sense. I’m not saying you’ll meet a potential mate at yoga, but it wouldn’t be surprising if you did. I am just saying.

Hope you have a great week and if you’re interested in a tarot reading, send me an email or find me on social media!


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