Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Big Change*

3 questions to ask before making a big change

Sometimes, it’s essential to change. If you’re bored with your job or feeling insecure about your job’s future, a new career direction is a scary but necessary change. If you want to make some new friends, putting yourself out there is terrifying, but ultimately leads to the best results. And of course, when the time comes for these hard but beneficial changes to happen, we can feel like we’re not ready for it.  So, here are three questions to ask yourself before making a big change.

Taking a big step in your life is something we all have to do, at least two or three times during our long years. There’s going to be some changes we’re excited for, and some that we’ll never quite get used to, but most of all, there’s going to be a personal change, and that can feel both good and bad in our hearts

So, let’s think about this for a second: are you ready to take a big step in your life? It’s alright if you’re not, but let’s think a little more deeply about how to proceed from here. If you’re not feeling ready, what can be done to steel yourself for a significant change? 


1. Are You Aware of Your Strengths?

three questions to ask before making a change
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To be ready for a change in your life, you need to be aware of what exactly makes you who you are. You need to know your personality type, you need to know what makes you such a fun and friendly person to be around, and you need to know what traits you naturally have that make you adaptable to a new situation. 

It is essential to think about who you are as a person before you think about what skills and talents you’ve picked up over the years.

Once you’re sure of who you are, you can begin to make profound changes. You can think about that career jump that’s coming up and be confident about just how well your first day will go. After all, you’re a gregarious person, you love to listen, and you’re willing to make new friends everywhere you go – natural personality traits like these do a lot for someone in your position! 

2. Are You Second-Guessing Yourself?

three questions to ask before making a change
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Second-guessing is something we all do, and when we’re worried about an upcoming change, this kind of doubt can turn up to an 11. Second-guessing isn’t a reflection on your level of confidence, and it doesn’t have to be the utmost, number one sign that the change you’re about to make will not be right for you. 

New things are scary, and during times like these, you can prepare in two ways: Make sure you keep yourself aware of your strengths and have some idea of what to expect, or, if you feel like it, take the plunge and weather any obstacles as they may come. Both tactics can be extremely beneficial in the long run. 

At the same time, it’s essential to make the distinction between the kind of worry you’re feeling – are you nervous about everything that’s to come your way, but you’re feeling excited underneath it all the same? Or is it something you’ve spent hours and hours stressing and losing sleep over? Because sometimes, it’s good to jump into things when we’re not sure about them, but in other cases, it can be to our detriment. Everything depends on the situation and the circumstances at hand.   

If you find yourself looking up random things like can a vasectomy be reversed, it might be time to take a step back and work out if you’re comfortable with the change. Ask yourself, are those butterflies you’re feeling are something you can handle? Sometimes these signals are warning signs that what you’re about to do perhaps isn’t right for you, and your whole body is screaming at you to take a step back. Just take some time right now, and work it out. 

3. Are You Allowing Yourself to Get Used to the change?

three questions to ask before making a change
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It would help if you took some time right now, and let yourself get used to the fact that things are changing around you. If you are starting a new job soon, or you are going to be moving miles and miles away from friends and family to a new home across the globe, you’re going to need to sit and think about things for a little while. 

In between all of the packing and organising you’re in the middle of, you need to confront your thoughts and let them wash over you. Don’t ignore fear, stress, or worry – let yourself feel these emotions. Let yourself think about things, and make sure you tell someone about it too. Don’t let it sit on your shoulders, and don’t bottle it up either; speak it into existence, and get used to the sound of change. 

So, are you taking the small steps first? The small steps are often the most natural and most beneficial for the run up to being ready for change. Think about it this way; if you’re about to take a big step across a canyon, and are worried about falling into a ravine, stepping across smaller rocks will enable you to psych yourself up to go for it. Of course, these moments can be filled with worry too, but they allow you to get used to the change you’re about to make.

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Are you ready to take a big step in your life? Even if you don’t feel ready right now, you don’t have to discount the steps you’re trying to take. It’s all about leaping into things and getting used to them and ensuring you know who you are and what you do right. Because once you’ve been through all these points in your head, change won’t be hard to acclimate to, and you’ll feel great about your decisions in life. 

We are all faces such big changes these days, what ways are you coping with these challenging times?

*This is a collaborative post.

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