Three Tips for Healthier Eating

3 tips for healthier eating

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, as the junk food items we regularly enjoy strike out when it comes to providing vital nutrients and the healthier eating our bodies need. Addiction can set in, health issues can arise, and we might one day regret our dependency on those foods that we’ve grown to rely on so much. 

So, there’s no way around it – junk foods can be enjoyable to eat. From sugary cakes to the occasional takeaway, we can gain much satisfaction from the foods that manipulate our tastebuds. 

To ensure a healthier life, you do need to cut back on processed, nutrient sparse foods, especially if you have already struggled with mental or physical health-related problems associated with food, such as emotional eating.  

Check out these three tips for healthier eating


Three Tips  for Healthier Eating
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If you eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning, some studies suggest you will be less likely to fall hungry later in the day, and less likely to face the temptation to snack on anything that isn’t good for you. Eating around 15g of protein is the best way to stave off pre-lunch hunger and stabilise blood sugar levels. So, get up earlier, so you have the time to prepare something tasty and nutritious. Or, if you are in a rush, grab a banana or a piece of wholegrain toast as you head out the door. 

Check out these healthy breakfast ideas if you need a little inspiration. 


Three Tips for Healthier Eating
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If you’re able to grow your own food, you will have less need to visit the supermarket, and consequently have less reason to fill your shopping trolley with junk food items. You can then prepare fresh and healthy meals at home, and even have the opportunity to snack on healthier items too, especially if you grow fruit or turn your produce into healthy snack items. So, if you have a garden outdoors, set aside a patch for food growing purposes. Alternatively (and if your outdoor space is limited), consider indoor hydroponic gardening. Follow this link for the equipment you will need. 


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As part of a healthy lifestyle change, swap out your junk foods for their healthier alternatives. So, instead of eating a chocolate bar, you might opt for a protein bar instead. Instead of bags of crisps, start buying bags of nuts in their place. And rather than overloading your belly with biscuits from the store, you could make your own, but using whole food ingredients over processed substances, you can barely pronounce. (If you can’t say it – don’t eat it!). On this latter point, consider making homemade pizzas too, and any other healthy alternative to the junk foods you might usually buy from your local takeaway. 

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As soon as you cut out the junk, the better you will start to feel, and the better the chances of a long and healthy life for you. So, follow our suggestions and create better food habits each day. And for additional resources about behavioural food habits check out these posts from yours truly.  

Which of these tips do you find most helpful?

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