Three Tips for Recovering After a Running Session.

three tip for recovering after a running

The benefits of exercise are not based entirely on the intensity of a workout. Most people who take up bodybuilding, for instance, will note that about 20% of their results are down to their weightlifting, while the other 80% comes from their nutritional choices and their recovery efforts made afterward. For example, failure to eat a balanced diet or sleeping too little stunts recovering after a running session as your next training session will be met with significant fatigue – leading to possible injuries

When it comes to the natural movement of running, we can often forget to recover adequately like after any other physical activity. However, properly recovering after your running session is self-care that only takes a little time and planning.  

As many runners will tell you, at first, running feels like a chore; then, it’s a habit, then it becomes a passion and a lifestyle. To ensure your lifestyle is as healthy as can be, follow these three tips for recovering after a running session.

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three tips for recovering after a running session
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Your feet take a pounding when running, particularly when running on the treadmill. It can seem as though running outside, with the various groundswells and differing textures, can be worse. Outdoor running surfaces stretch out the feet as you use them differently with each stride. In contrast, treadmill running provides a consistent landing surface and repetitive movement — which can lead to many foot conditions. One issue many runners suffer from is heel dryness. Learning how to get rid of dry heels — keeping clean and applying powder to the feet after a long-form run, as well as learning how to identify specific injuries is a great practice to develop.  


three tips for recovering after a running session
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Of course, good hygiene is essential. It is critical to always shower after working out to free your skin from any bacteria that may be present. As well, washing your running gear immediately after a workout will protect your skin from bacteria and yeast growth. Placing a bacteria-killing spray or powder in your running shoes can also help to prevent issues such as athletes’ foot. An often neglected area is the ears (if using in-ear headphones), so keeping your ears — and headphones — clean is essential for the prevention of infection.


three tips for recovering after a running session
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It is imperative to replenish your body by drinking plenty of water, eating good foods, and staying supplemented with proper vitamins and minerals. Some runners choose to replenish their bodies with glucose-based sports drinks and supplements while running, although many sports drinks have lots of sugar in them and can be counterproductive for those running for weight loss. Also, foam-rolling, static stretching, and massaging major muscles — even the occasional sports massage — can help you keep on top of your post-running game as well as any athlete.

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With this advice, you can make running an enjoyable part of your overall exercising efforts. Before you know it, running will become a staple of your fitness routine and a healthy lifestyle, and that’s something worthy of celebration. 

How do you recover after a running session?

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