Unusual Activities To Try Out In 2020**

unusual activities to try out in 2020

Humans are creatures of habit, and we tend to follow each other with the things that we do. Life is full of new experiences just ready for you to try, but many of us never move away from our routine, or what we already know, our ‘comfort zone’.   This year, why not experiment with some new activities that are not only unique, exhilarating and fun but will also get you fit and healthy along the way. Trying new things and taking up new hobbies is a great way to meet new people and keep life interesting. 

Dare to do something different this year, challenge yourself and move out of your comfort zone. Here are four unusual activities to try out in 2020. 


Four Unusual Activities To Try Out In 2020
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What happens when you combine cliff jumping, swimming, abseiling and climbing? Coasteering! This new adventure sport, designed to help you discover new areas of natural beauty along the coastline, is also great for taking part in some adrenaline-fueled activities. 

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Coasteering may not sound like fun, but it’s incredibly addictive once you start getting into it. Coasteering was born in the British Isles and aimed to take you to secret locations that are difficult to get too. Expect to be jumping over rocks, diving into rough waters and navigating down into tricky coves. 

Coasteering is a lot of fun and very physically demanding, however, well worth it.


Four Unusual Activities to try out in 2020
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You may remember this word from school and have since forgotten it, but orienteering is back on the map. This adventure-style mixed sports activity will see you using your navigation skills with map and compass finding your way around spots of stunning natural beauty. Orienteering requires organization, patience, and teamwork. 

Using a unique orienteering map, your team will need to find specific control points that you need to reach to progress through the activity. If you are a keen hiker but want something more challenging (and rewarding), orienteering is a perfect choice. 

Adventures can be anything from one day to multiple days, depending on your preference. Call some friends, grab your custom-designed orienteering kit and start taking some real adventures. 

Parkour/Free Running

Four Unusual Activities To Try Out in 2020
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No doubt you will have seen these people on TV and in movies. They are incredible at running and jumping around city landscapes, making their city a big concrete playground. You too can join in on this fun by joining a local parkour group in your city. Parkour has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last five years with many people now getting out at the weekend to try flip over road barriers and traffic signs. 

The parkour community is both fun and diverse. You will meet interesting people that will help you see your city in a way you’ve never seen it before, they will push you to your limits, and you will get extremely fit in the process. This year, embrace your fear and get out onto the streets for some serious urban exploration.  

What unique activities are you hoping to try in 2020?

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