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When we think of classic relaxing methods, we think back to the days of men in smoking jackets, sitting around the fire, in their slippers, smoking a pipe and reading a book. You know, with the crackle of logs on a fire bristling in the background, the steam of a hot cup of tea is filling the room, and a gentle breeze blowing outside the window? Can’t you see an oil lantern burning away, sitting next to the gentleman – wearing a nightcap and sporting a rather classic moustache? It’s homely, cosy, and it feels right. But how has relaxation transitioned into the modern age? What kind of things do we do now to help us unwind after a day at work or when we’re having a lovely slow weekend? What does relaxing in the modern age look like?


We have all kinds of shows at our disposal. We can watch anything we want thanks to wholesale streamers like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and the Disney Channel. These are just a few of the things we can stream, and what a selection of shows they have. Just like you would expect, every week, they release brand new choices to keep us hooked. They are always evolving their business models and trying to land a killer blow on their rivals. It’s quite incredible how much power the consumer has.

Sitting back and watching an entire series in one sitting has become the norm. They used to call it binge-watching, but now it’s just something you do on a day where you feel like killing a few hours. Watching a show in one-go allows for more in-depth discussion and re-watching of your favourite shows. 


We would rather admit to having a type of need that we know isn’t perhaps the most incredible thing to do than to not realise we have something we need to improve, which is at least an improvement in society. Smoking is terrible for you; we know this. So vaping has taken over, and we know that it’s not perfect, but we’re making positive steps to change our lifestyle. Vaping is very popular because companies like vape hedz have some of the most comprehensive selections for their vape juices. They have watermelon and voodoo flavors, to name a few. Perhaps the most fantastic part is that vaping can give the user an unlimited amount of different flavors, unlike smoking, which is just tobacco (and chemicals) in one form or another. Vape juices are available in just about any flavour you can imagine.


We all thought VR gaming would be about flying fighter jets in virtual reality and playing some war game that would mean we get to be in the boots of a soldier in World War Two. However, most of the popular VR games are about relaxing. It’s chat rooms and island-building games where you can make a paradise or chill out with others like you. It’s being used as a platform to make ‘better’ worlds and allow us to escape reality. But VR games come with a twist. You can move your arm in real life, and it will move in the game. So we predict that VR games will offer sensations through our fingertips and, thus, experience these fake worlds in real life. Imagine being in a VR game, lying on a beach, and physically feeling the breeze of the sea wind on your face? This is how we will relax in the future.

relaxing in the modern age
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Believe it not – once upon a time – most people didn’t have a garden, let alone a patio. But now we have the space to make a hangout place in our own homes. During the pandemic, we have found this pace most useful. Making it into a relaxing spot hasn’t been easy, but it’s made sense. Hanging up a hammock, an egg chair, and laying down some bean bag chairs, makes it an excellent place to chill. Put some solar LED lamps around the patio, so when it’s beginning to get dark, you can carry on reading your book, working on your laptop, or just talking with friends. 

Thankfully, we can enjoy the old times and the new world together. Smoking is terrible for you, but vaping could change your life. Sat by the fire or playing some VR games, it’s a great time to be alive and enjoy the fruits of human ingenuity. 

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How do you relax these days?

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